Defiwind Caribbean, Sorobon Masters, and Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge 2019 Will Take Place June 23-30

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Three international windsurfing events – Defiwind Caribbean, Sorobon Masters and Dunkerbeck GPS Challenge – will take place in the Sorobon lagoon, Pink Beach and Te Amo Beach in Bonaire, June 23rd - 30th, 2019. It will be organized by windsurfing legends Philippe Bru, who is the founder of the biggest windsurfing event in the world – Le Defi Wind, and Bjorn Dunkerbeck – holder of 42 professional windsurfing titles, in collaboration with Sorobon Beach Resort and Dunkerbeck Pro Center, which provide the base for events and the windsurfing equipment rentals during the events.
In 2019 it will be the 4th edition of Defiwind Caribbean and the 6th edition of Sorobon Masters. Contestants are welcome from all over the world to participate in the week-long events. Starting with four days (June 23-26) of Defiwind Caribbean and three days of (June 27-30) of Sorobon Masters, which includes Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge, competitors are sure to be challenged and entertained the entire time.
The Defiwind Caribbean will operate in the same Defi principle of freeracing a minimum of 20km. The race will take place in the Western side of the island of Bonaire, from Pink Beach/Te Amo Beach to Klein Bonaire and back. Sorobon Masters 2019 will have three categories: Freestyle, Slalom and Speed and is open for all age categories. Competitors are welcome to join for all events, or for the ones they are interested in.
The winner of the GPS Speed Challenge will gain the title of Pan-American & Caribbean Speed Windsurf Champion 2019. This is approved and given by the International Windsurf Association.
The events are a great initiative to support local windsurfing talent and promote Bonaire’s name in the international windsurfing world – last year’s local winners of Defiwind Caribbean represented Bonaire in Defiwind Gruissan 2019 with their trip funded by Sorobon Masters Foundation!
These events are the only windsurf events in the region with all windsurf disciplines and where professional and amateur windsurfers compete side by side. It is also the perfect opportunity to raise awareness about the beauty of the island of Bonaire. Thanks to the events Bonaire was introduced to an enormous (new) group of wind and kite-surfers who saw the beautiful videos and pictures of Bonaire and became returning visitors. Thanks to the Defiwind Caribbean, Bonaire was also introduced to the French wind and kitesurf market which is one of the biggest windsurf countries in the world!
Thanks to the promised financial support of the government of Bonaire in March 2018, the events are secured until 2020.
The competitors and their families are invited to lodge at Sorobon Beach Resort and Apartments with special inclusive packages during their stay. Bonaire, being an island rich in tourism, offers a great variety of housing options for those interested in staying in different accommodation types during the events.

To register for the events, please visit Picture Media Kit:ÑO98zD6ZG-
About Philippe Bru: Professional windsurfer and foiler for over 40 years, and the Chairman of the Philippe Bru Organization (PBO), Philippe Bru is most known for the annual DefiWind and DefiKite, one of the biggest race-based windsurfing and kitesurfing events, which takes place in Gruissan, France. Philippe Bru has also been a windsurfing instructor for 20 years.
About the Sorobon Beach, Wellness and Windsurf Resort: Located directly on the beach of the gorgeous Lac Bay, Sorobon Beach, Wellness and Windsurf Resort offers its guests a private, rustic and personal experience. There are Wellness, Yoga, Spa, and Fitness services, a full beach bar and lounge, and an in-house restaurant. The accommodation consists of 15 chalets, located directly on the beach and an apartment complex of 10 apartments located 2 min away from the resort grounds. Accommodation package for during the events can be found here:
About DefiWind and DefiWind Caribbean: Founded by Philippe Bru in Gruissan in South of France 17 years ago, DefiWind is currently the biggest event for professional windsurfers and kitesurfers in the world with more than 1,500 athletes coming yearly. 4 years ago, DefiWind expanded to the Caribbean lead by Philippe Bru and Bjorn Dunkerbeck. The unprecedented wind and water conditions on Bonaire allow the kitesurfing and windsurfing welcomes sport enthusiasts and professionals from all over the world. During the event, athletes compete in four different categories, some of which are in the open ocean.
About Sorobon Masters and the Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge: Sorobon Masters is a windsurfing competition held on the Lac Bay lagoon on Bonaire and sponsored by the Sorobon Beach Resort. For six consecutive years Sorobon Masters is the only windsurfing competition on Bonaire welcoming competitors of all ages. The athletes compete in Freestyle, Slalom, and Speed.
About Sorobon Masters Foundation: Founded in 2012 with the sole purpose of creating a platform for the next generation local windsurfers to show their skills and get noticed by local companies for sponsorships in order to pursue their dreams. The foundation welcomed Bjorn Dunkerbeck and Philippe Bru in 2016, who increased the international status of the events.
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