ORANJESTAD: Cada aña riba e di dos diabierna di luna di
september ta tuma luga apertura di aña academico nobo diUniversidad di Aruba. Diabierna ultimo Minister Endy Croes, Gobernador di Aruba, Su Excelencia Alfonso Boekhoudt, Presidente di Parlamento mr. Edgard Vrolijk, honorabel miembronan di Parlamento di Aruba y demas invitadonan special a presencia apertura oficial di aña academico 2022 – 2023.

Durante e anochi special aki unda a conmemora comienso di Universidad di Aruba (UA) na september 1988, 34 aña pasa. Minister Endy Croes a hiba un palabara en conexion cu apertura di aña academico nobo.

E mandatario di Enseñansa a inicia su discurso:

I believe that working with good people matters, because, then the work environment is good. If there is a sense of respect and belief, among the people you work with, that is when good work is done. This is a quote, by Ranbir Kapoor a successful Indian actor, I read some time ago and I wanted to read it to you, because this is how I feel when I visit the University of Aruba. I get this “vibe” during the meetings with your Board of Trustees and your Rector. This institution seems to have a good work environment. Where, academics respect each other, and are determined to be “role models” for our students.

A few days after I took office as the Minister of Education & Sports of the Government of Aruba, I had the privilege to meet the Board of Trustees of the University, who insisted that I meet the recently installed Rector, Dr. Viola Heutger.

It was an immediate click, because I could see and feel the good intentions of the Rector, to be an active partner and advisor for continuous national development on the field of education and to my Ministry. An intelligent human being with a great heart, that can do very much, and very fast.

It was on short notice, Rector Heutger was able to join me to attend several meetings in the Netherlands, known as de vierlandenoverleg, and I wish to acknowledge her wisdom, intelligence, academic experience and vision to continue to push our education system to the next level. I was pleasantly surprised she understood and spoke Papiamento and applauded her interest in Translingual practices in educational and professional context”. Academic research projects, and activities you will be hearing soon of.

There is so much to do in the education field, and I am most grateful for her support and willingness to give (asked or unasked) advice to my Ministry. Education, is a field in which very much has been written and said. Now is the time to take action and make things happen, and make things work, even though our country is confronted with many challenges. I can do so if professionals as you, give me good advice on national matters. We will be successful if we all do it together. That stands for Teamwork!

The good thing when you do not pretend to be an expert on a field of expertise, is that you listen to the experts and do great things. A result thereof is my Education Policy 2021- 2025. A document of only 16 pages that sets out our accomplishments in the next years to come.

I invite you all to read it:

Our vision is written in Papiamento and Dutch. A free translation of our vision is:

To introduce innovation into our education system to effectively prepare our students, enabling them to participate and contribute to their, and our Nations success.  

I was very pleased to learn that during the pandemic, for the University of Aruba business was virtually usual. This institution quickly adapted itself and most academic activities continued virtually. Thank you for being the Role model.

Today, we formally start the academic year 2022 – 2023. The 34th event since the foundation of the University of Aruba in 1988. Permit me to acknowledge the hard work, dedication,and wisdom of your 53 full time academics, your 40+ part-time professionals and 32 members of the supporting departments of the University. Thank you for your collaboration! It is because of your hard work the UA delivers a good number of graduates each year, well prepared to join the labor market or to continue their studies abroad.

It is thanks to your efforts; our small university today have:

– four faculties;

– a Sustainable Islands Solutions through STEM program in cooperation with the University of Leuven;

– an Academic Foundation Year;

– well-equipped supporting departments;

– active participation in the Erasmus + program;

– renown international partners;

– and a Rector, our first rector to be a professor, with an excellent academic reputation well-prepared to support us to take our small university to the next level.

I started my address to you with a quote of an Indian Actor and wish to finalize with the essence of the same quote. As academics and non-academics at service of this fine institution, also the 746 students that decided to enroll themselves in one of the University of A-programs:

– Continue to be the good peopleworking together to maintain your pleasant work environment.

– Continue to show each other respect and believe in what you do.

Continuo With your good behavior and academic reputation, support our small nation by inspiring each school and institution in our education field to do and be the same.

It is because creating a good work environment, with a sense of respect and belief among the people we work with, that is when good work is done; and that is when Great things happens! I am grateful for having this opportunity. I hereby declare the Academic Year 2022 – 2023 of the University of Aruba officially open.


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