AAA a ricibi Minister Oduber pa un bishita na e area di construccion di e proyecto Gateway 2030 di AAA

ORANJESTAD – Awetardi, Aruba Airport Authority N.V. (AAA) a yama Minister Oduber bonbini pa un inspeccion na e area di construccion di e proyecto Gateway 2030 na aeropuertoProme cu a bishita e sitio di e proyecto den un forma safe y sigur pa tur bishitante, Minister Oduber a haña un presentashon di parti di e personal di AAA y e PMO (Project Management Office) cu ta envolvi den e proyecto di Gateway 2030. Sr. Gilbert Rafael, Chief Development & Technology Officer na AAA, accompaña pa PMO staff Sr. Henny Balentin, Sr. Project Director, Sr. Gerard Turk, Resident Engineer y Sr. Gerko Rijkers, representante di e contratistaABC Project Venture. E presentashon a inlcui e ultimo desaroyonan den e asina yama Fase 1A di e Proyecto y tamberiba e tempo cu ainda falta den e plannan actual pa keda cla cue fase aki. Tambe a wordo elabora riba e otro fasenan di e proyecto y splicashon a wordo duna tocante  e asina yamablokinan di construccion di e fasenan.

Despues di e presentashonnan Minister a wordo acompaña pa Sr. Joost Meijs, CEO di AAA hunto cu e staff di e equipo di proyecto pa duna un amplio splicashon tocante e construccionactual. Minister Oduber por a mira pa su mes kico ta e ultimo desaroyonan den e construccion y con esakinan lo progresa mas aleu.

Nos ta sumamente contento y orguyoso di por a mustraMinister Oduber e recien desaroyonan cu ta relata na e proyecto importante cu ta Gateway 2030, cu actualmente taden su prome fase. E fase aki ta ser premira di lo ta cla den e di 3 kwartaal di 2024 y e sigiuente fase lo cuminsa e aña akicu mobilizacion”, segun Mr. Joost Meijs, CEO di AAA.

Fase 1A di e construccion di e proyecto lo ensera primordialmente un check-in mas grandi y amplio na e banda mericano. E area mas grandi aki lo ser usa den futuro tambe come check-in area principal pa tur buelo cu lo sali for di AUA Airport. E fase 1A aki tambe ta inclui e desaroyo y construccion di un area di procesa maleta y un area di warda e maletanan prome cu nan wordo hiba avion. Fase 1B e ora eylo ensera e ampliacion di gate number 8, dos extra area di espera cu lo tin 3 brug pa avion y tambe un area nobo pa e avionnan cu lo wordo sirbi dor di busnan pa hiba pasaheronanna e avionnan cu no lo para na un gate cu brug.

Actualmente e siguiente fasenan di e proyecto ta den revisiony lo inlcui e otro partinan di e proyecto di Gateway 2030 manera un area nobo di tienda, facilidadnan renoba pa yegaday tambe mas areanan pa servicionan na e pasaheronan cu tasali for the AUA Airport.

Lo sigi organiza mas bishita na e area di construccion den futuro pa mantene Minister na altura di e ultimo desaroyonandi e Proyecto di Gateway 2030 na AUA Airport cu ta di sumo importancia pa cu e desaoroyo sostenibel di Aruba su turismo y economia en general.

AA hosted a Gateway 2030 update and site visit for Minister Oduber

ORANJESTAD – Aruba Airport Authority N. (AAA) hosted Minister Oduber’s visit to the construction site of the Gateway 2030 project at the airport on the afternoon of February 16,2023.

Before visiting the actual construction site in a safe and securemanner, Minister Oduber was provided with a presentation by AAA and PMO (project Management Office) staff involved with the Gateway 2030 project. Mr. Gilbert Rafael, ChiefDevelopment & Technology Officer at AAA accompanied by PMO staff Mr. Henny Balentin, Sr. Project Director, Mr. Gerard Turk, Resident Engineer, and Mr. Gerko Rijkers, representing the contractor ABC Project Venture provided the Minister with the latest insights and updates on the ongoing Phase1A of the project and the currently expected timeline for the project. Further phases of the project were also elaborated on and explanation on the building blocks of those phaseswere also provided.

After the presentations Minister Oduber was accompanied by Mr. Joost Meijs, AAA’s CEO together with the project team to provide even more insights on the actual construction sight and the Minister could take a look at the latest construction works that have been performed and how the works are progressing.

We are happy and proud to have been able to show MinisterOduber the latest developments with regard to the important Gateway 2030 project which is currently in its first phase. This phase is set to be completed by the 3rd quarter of 2024 and the next phase will be started this year still with mobilization”, said Mr. Joost Meijs, CEO of AAA.

Phase1 A of the construction project encompasses mainly the expanded check-in building at the US side. This expanded area will then in the future become the main check-in terminal for all departures. This phase 1A also includes the development and installation of the baggage handling system and the new baggage make-up area. Phase 1B will include the expansion of the current gate 8 area and the addition of two new hold room areas which will be served by three contact gates and will also accommodate a remote boarding gate hold area and boarding gate areas.

The next phases of the project are currently also being evaluated and will include the further parts of the Gateway2030 project such as a new concession area in the US side gate areas, new arrival facilities and further expansion ofamenity areas within the departure terminal areas.

More site visits will surely follow to keep the Minister abreastof all the latest developments within the various phases of the Gateway 2030 project which is of the utmost importance to the tourism industry and the economy in general of Aruba.



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