Leonid Kozlov Dance Academy ta anuncia cu inscripshon ta habri i ta aceptando studiantenan nobo, di edat 5 anja i mas ariba, incluyendo adultonan

Leonid Kozlov Dance Academy announces that inscriptions are open and we are accepting new students, aged 5 and above, including adults.


For over a decade, Mr. Leonid Kozlov, former principal dancer in the most renowned Ballets, as Bolshoi Ballet and New York City Ballet, brings his exceptional expertise and love for dance to Aruba.

The Academy offers recreational ballet training for dancers to discover and enjoy music and movements, as well provides pre-professional training, that develop talented students; bringing them in an international competitive level.
As an example of that, student Liselotte Van Doorn, represented Aruba more than once in New York City and most recently in Seoul, she won medals, scholarships, invitations to trainee programs in Europe and the USA. The Academy provides performance opportunities for all students at the upcoming Artfair, cultural events and bi-annual student showcases.

Always bringing new opportunities to develop Arubian young talent, Master Classes with international guest teachers are coming to the academy. Stay tuned for more details in future announcements!!!!

You can contact the academy for information and registration via email: kozlovdance@gmail.com or WhatsApp:  +297 745 5313, Phone: +297 569 2081

Or come personally on Saturday, August 26, 10:30 am to 12:00 pm / 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm
Join us on this remarkable journey as we ignite the passion for dance and unlock the true potential within each dancer.


Leonid Kozlov Dance Academy ta anuncia cu inscripshon ta habri i ta aceptando studiantenan nobo, di edat 5 anja i mas ariba, incluyendo adultonan.

Pa mas di un decada, Sr. Leonid Kozlov, antes bailarín prinsipal den e Balletnan mas renombra, manera Bolshoi Ballet i New York City Ballet, ta trece su expertise excepsional i amor pa baile na Aruba.

E academia no solamente ta brinda entrenamento recreativo di ballet pa hobenan bailarín pa descubri i goza di música i movimiento, pero tambe ta brinda entrenamento pre-profesional, desaroyando estudiantenan talentoso y haci nan yega na nivel competitivo internacional. Como ehempel di esaki, studiante Liselotte Van Doorn, kende a representa Aruba mas cu un biaha na New York City i mas recien na Seoul, a gana medayanan, becanan, invitashon pa programa di entrenamentu na Europa i USA.

Semper ta trece oportunidadnan nobo pa desaroya talento hoben di Aruba, Lesnan magistral cu maestronan international invita lo tuma lugar na e Academia. Keda pendiente pa mas detaye den anuncionan den futuro!!!

Tuma contacto cu nos pa informashon i registrashon via email na kozlovdance@gmail.com / Whtasapp +297 745 5313 Phone: +297 569 2081. Òf bini personalmente djasabra, 26 di Augustus, 10:30 am pa 12:00 pm / 4:30 pm pa 6:00 pm.

Uni bo mes na e viahe remarkable aki, cende  bo pasion pa baile i descubri e berdadero potensial.


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