After 30 years, big reunion in Aruba: Leonid Kozlov and Valentina Kozlova

 Today, we are glad to have two distinguished guests Leonid Kozlov and Valentina Kozlova. For over 30 years, Mr. Leonid and Ms. Valentina, celebrated partners, conquered stages worldwide. They held the esteemed positions of Principal Dancer and Prima Ballerina in prestigious companies such as the Bolshoi Ballet, New York City Ballet, and the Australian Ballet.

Now for more than one decade, Mr. Kozlov bring his exceptional expertise and love for dance to Aruba, in Leonid Kozlov Dance Academy, and this year he invited  Ms. Valentina.

 Interviewer: Ms. Valentina, Could you please  tell us what brought you to Aruba?

Valentina: We always collaborate to develop students and provide to them new opportunities. In this context, I’ll be conducting a Master Class on Saturday, September 2nd, from 4:00 pm to 5:15 pm. at Leonid Kozlov Dance Academy. This is not only an occasion for Arubian students to improve skills, but also is an opportunity for me to scout for young talents to invite them to future international competitions.

Leonid: As you know, Ms. Valentina is the founder of VKDF that holds International Ballet and Dance competitions worldwide with finals in New York city, in  which  some of my students were  participating and winning medals and scholarships.

Interviewer: That sounds fascinating. Now,  Valentina, could you share your impressions of Leonid Kozlov’s teaching and coaching?

Valentina: Leonid Kozlov’s teaching and coaching are truly remarkable. His deep understanding of ballet techniques. What particularly resonates with me is his dedication to nurturing each dancer’s unique strengths while also pushing them to overcome their challenges. His holistic approach creates well-rounded dancers.
Leonid: Thank you!

Interviewer: It’s clear that you hold his teaching in high regard. Can you tell us about the educational and historical aspects that coincide between you and Mr. Kozlov?

Valentina: Certainly. Leonid Kozlov and I share a similar educational background and history within the world of dance. We both trained Vaganoga Style, in Bolshoi Ballet Academy, under renowned instructors during our formative years.
Leonid: This common foundation provides us with a shared understanding of the demands and rewards of the dance world, which influences our teaching approaches.
Valentina: And training with the best  gave us the professional success career, dancing as principal dancer  and prima ballerina, choreographing around the world, teaching and judging in several competitions.

Interviewer: Moving on to another topic, you mentioned a “great anniversary” of your defection to the United States is coming

Leonid: Yes, we defected together in 1979, and important date that changed our life.

Valentina: So next April, during VKIBC in NYC will celebrate the 45th anniversary of our defection from Russia.

For more information and registration for our regular classes / the Master Class, contact us via email: or Whats App: +297 745 5313. or personally, at Leonid Kozlov Dance Academy, address: Cricket Building, Vondellaan 19 D, 2nd floor. Opening hours: 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm.



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