PAHO: Connecting for Health Monthly Newsletter | No. 24 | September 2023

PAHO Director calls for greater response to health needs of people of African descent

A recent PAHO report shows that in 80 percent of the countries analyzed, Afro-descendants experience increased poverty levels, limited access to health services, and higher rates of infant mortality and maternal mortality.

Eight countries in the Americas ban electronic cigarettes

With the recent ban on the use and marketing of electronic cigarettes in Venezuela, more countries in the Americas are adopting measures in line with the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) to protect the health of their populations from novel tobacco products.

indigenous man in guatemala

Intercultural, participatory approach key to ensuring the health of Indigenous Peoples in the Americas

Governments must “intensify efforts to work with Indigenous Peoples to address the social determinants of health and equity,” the PAHO Director said while calling for recognition of traditional medicine and the incorporation of an intercultural approach into health systems.

The Americas seek to expand genomic surveillance for dengue, chikungunya, and other mosquito-borne viruses

Laboratory experts discussed increasing the use of tools to detect and monitor mosquito-borne diseases in the Americas, as some countries in the region face large-scale outbreaks of dengue and intense circulation of chikungunya.

aid distributed in haiti gonave island

Cholera: Reaching isolated populations on La Gonâve Island, Haiti

After a rapid increase in cholera cases, PAHO/WHO worked with national and local authorities to coordinate a logistical operation and strengthen patient care facilities in La Gonâve, a hilly island with limited access to infrastructure.

COVID-19: Update on variant of interest EG.5 and variant under surveillance BA.2.86

PAHO has released a technical note with an update on the newly identified Omicron sublineages. To date, there is no evidence of significant changes to the public health impact of EG.5 and BA.2.86.

vaccines and medicines production

PAHO promotes multisectoral dialogue to strengthen value chains for the production of vaccines and other health technologies

The discussions in Brasilia were attended by representatives from 13 countries, chambers of commerce, public manufacturers, and academia.

community mental health providers in Jamaica

More than 200 community members trained as mental health providers in Jamaica

PAHO is supporting the digital transformation of the country’s health system and the implementation of the Information Systems for Health (IS4H).

Region of the Americas_ World Summit on Traditional Medicine

Snapshot of the Americas region at the First WHO Traditional Medicine Global Summit

The inclusion of traditional, complementary, and integrative medicine in national health systems is at the center of PAHO’s efforts to improve people-centered health services and achieve universal health coverage for marginalized populations.



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