Airport di Aruba ta habri bek y den operacion normal!

Relaciona cu e avión cu a baha despues di cu airport a sera: e investigacion ainda ta continua. E avion tabata rumbo Caracas y a baha na Aruba sin permiso. Airport a reaponde di acuerdo cu tur e protocol y autoridadnan a ser notifica pa asina nan eherce e investigacion. E nave a ser reubica pa prepara airport pa habri y sigui cu su operacionnan normal 7’or di mainta. Ya airport ta habri y den operacion normal. Pa mas informacion, comunica cu DCA.

With regards to the plane that landed after the airport was closed: Investigation is still going on. The plane was enroute to Caracas and landed in AUA without permission. Airport responded according to protocols and Authorities were notified to take over the investigation. Aircraft was relocated to prepare the airport to open for normal operations at 7. Airport is open and operational. For more information please contact DCA.

Richard Lacle


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