Guardacosta di Caribe cu vigilancia na nos costanan ta conseha esnan cu ta bay dive pa usa “diver below buoy”

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we have been working closely with the Coast Guard to control the maritime borders of Aruba.This happens, among other things, with the vessels of our Coast Guard and the Marines Corps.The amount of swimmers, snorkelers and divers has grown considerably over the past period.We also saw, grabbed by the beautiful underwater world that these water athletes regularly went far off the coast, without engine form of marking.Due to different (weather) conditions such as sunlight and waves, water athletes are not always visible as well.We would like to make you aware of the dangers that come together with this.Marking your swimming location makes you visible to board drivers, saving life chance.Divers are required to mark the diving location by diving flag / A-buoy.Swimmers and snorkelers must go into the indicated bathing areas.Stay safe!


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