252 studiante lo ricibi asistencia pa back-to-school 2021

Como parti di AAA Wings of Hope su meta di “Education”:

ORANJESTAD – Aruba Airport Authority N.V. (AAA) su“Wings of Hope” (WoH) ta orguyoso di por a hasi donacion di 175 pakete cu material pa scol y uniform na Directie SocialeZaken (DSZ) riba Diamars dia 3 di Augustus, 2021. 

WoH su metanan ta basa riba 5 di e Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) di Nacionnan Uni:  “Hunger”, “Education”, “Affordable & Clean Energy”, “Environment/Sustainable Airport Community” y “Partnership”. Como parti di WoH sumeta di “Education”, cu ta inclui dos parti: un total di 175 studiante a ricibi asistencia cu nan material- y uniformnan pa scol y un total di 77 studiante lo ricibi asistencia cu nan pago di aña escolar.

Durante e entrega di e materialnan y uniform di scol na DSZ door di WoH workgroup hunto cu mas colega di AAA, AAA suDirector Health, Safety and Sustainability y WoH leader Sra. Angeline Flemming a expresa su gratitud na DSZ pa nan esfuerso continuo y dedicacion na e comunidad di Aruba. E asistencia di DSZ ta crucial pa WoH. “Pa AAA, e ta un honor pa por asisti specialmente e muchanan pa nan logra nan estudioapesar di nan situacion financiero. Nos ta spera di por inspiraotro mentenan hoben pa considera un carera den aviacion den futuro, ta locual sra. Angeline Flemming a bisa.

As part of the AAA Wings of Hope’s Education goal:

252 students receive school assistance for back-to-school 2021

ORANJESTAD – Aruba Airport Authority N.V.’s (AAA) “Wings of Hope” (WoH) proudly donated a total of 175 school supplies and uniform vouchers to the Directorate of Social Affairs (DSZ) on Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021. 

WoH’s goals are based on five Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs): Hunger, Education, Affordable and Clean Energy, Environment/Sustainable Airport Community, and Partnership. As part of WoH’s education goal, which includes two parts, a total of 175 students received assistance with their school materials and uniforms, and a total of 77 students will receive help with their school year fee. 

During the handover of the school supplies and uniform vouchers to DSZ by the WoH workgroup and AAA colleagues, AAA’s Director Health, Safety and Sustainability, and WoHleader Mrs. Angeline Flemming expressed her utmost gratitude towards DSZ for their continuous efforts and dedication to the community of Aruba. The assistance of DSZ is crucial to WoH. “For AAA, it is an honor to be able to assist especially the children, to help them succeed in their studies, despite their challenging circumstances. We hope we can also inspire some of these young minds to consider a future career in Aviation, said Mrs. Angeline Flemming.  


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