Den juli 2021 a recupera 90% di pasahero cua sali for di Aruba compara cu juli 2019/ 90% of July 2109 departing passengers recovered in July 2021

109,318 pasahero a sali for di Aruba na juli 2021

ORANJESTAD – Aruba Airport Authority N.V. (AAA) taraporta como lo siguiente riba e prestacion di Aeropuerto Internacional Reina Beatrix (AUA Airport) pa juli 2021 unda cue recuperacion mas fuerte a wordo raporta desde cu e pandemia a cuminsa na Maart 2020.  

Na juli 2021, AUA Airport a procesa 109,318 pasahero cu a salifor di Aruba. Esaki ta 29% mas cu e luna anterior. Durante juliAUA Airport a recupera 90% di e cantidad di pasaheronan cu a sali for di Aruba compara cu e mesun luna na 2019. Na juli 202191,715 pasahero (pax) a biaha pa Merca, 7,568 pax a biaha paEuropa, 3,724 pax a biaha pa Antiyas Hulandes, y 6,311 pax a biaha pa Latino America. 

Un averahe di e passenger load factor (PLF) na salida (cantidad di asiento ocupa en comparacion cu e cantidad total di asiento dispobibel abordo di un avion na momento di sali for di AUA Airport) pa e mercado Mericano di 91% a keda raporta den juli2021, mientras cu e averahe di  PLF pa tur mercado tabata 88% durante e mesun temporada (comparando cu 2019 unda e PLF averahe pa tur mercado tabata 85%). 

Durante e luna anterior, AUA Airport a procesa un averahe di 30buelo pa dia, esaki ta menos compata cu e 37 buelonan diario cua wordo pocesa durante e mesun temporada na 2019. Den e mesun temporada na 2020 a procesa 275 buelo ora cu frontera a habri bek pa operacionnan comercial na juli 2020.

90% of July 2109 departing passengers recovered in July 2021

109,318 passengers departed in July 2021

ORANJESTAD – Aruba Airport Authority N.V. (AAA) reports as follows on AUA Airport’s performance for July 2021where the strongest recovery yet has been recorded since the pandemic hit back in March of 2020. 

In July 2021, AUA Airport handled 109,318 departing passengers. This was 29% more than month before. During the past month AUA Airport recovered 90% of the amount of departing passenger that were handled in 2019 during that same month. In July 2021 91,715 passengers (pax) travelled to the US, 7,568 pax to Europe, 3,724 pax to the Netherlands Antilles, and 6,311 pax to Latin America.

An average outbound passenger load factor (PLF) (number of seats of the total seats on board an aircraft that are occupied when departing from AUA Airport) for the US Market of 91% was reported during the month of July 2021, while the average PLF for all markets was at 88% during that same period (in comparison to 2019 where an average PLF for all markets of 85% was reached). 

During the past month, AUA Airport averaged 30 flights per day, down from 37 daily flights during the same period in 2019. In that same period in 2020 we only handled a total amount of 275 flights whilst our national border re-opened in July of 2020 for all commercial operations.


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