Hereby we would like to offer our services as an advertisement medium for your business/product. AWE24 is a well-known online news source medium on Aruba. Since its introduction in 2008, AWE24 has become a household name among locals, as a trusted reference point the latest news.

AWE24 has an ever-growing amount of visitors. In the year 2020, AWE24 enjoyed a total of 1,620,354 unique visitors.  By advertising with AWE24, your business/product will be able to accomplish a higher level of circulation and recognition around the island of Aruba and abroad, with frequent visitors from countries like the Netherlands, United States of America, Colombia, Venezuela and Costa Rica.

We offer a wide variety of quality advertisement options (banners) for our clients:

–        Skyscraper: 250×600 pixels

–        Full banner: 650×90 pixels

–        Rectangle(M): 250×250 pixels

–      Rectangle(L): 300×300 pixels

–        Half Banner: 300×80 pixels

–        Other dimensions available on request

Below you will find an example of how your advertisement will be displayed on AWE24 and the going rates for our services.

We look forward to doing business with you. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

E-mail: / Cel: 560-5688

Ads and Banners Sizes and Rates

Half Banner   
300 X 80Afl. 200,-Afl. 300,-Afl. 275,-
Rectangle (M)   
250 X 250Afl. 500,-Afl. 600,-Afl. 575,-
Rectangle (L)   
300 X 300Afl. 600,-Afl. 700,-Afl. 675,-
Full Banner   
650 X 90Afl. 500,-Afl. 600,-Afl. 575,-
250 X 600Afl. 750,-Afl. 850,-Afl. 825,-
300 X 450Afl. 700,-Afl. 800,-Afl. 775,-

All prices are on a monthly basis, based on rotative placement, for fixed placement other rates may be applicable.

We also offer posts to promote your product/brand on our page for the price of Afl. 50,- With this you get a post with as many pictures and text as you want.

All our prices are based on “paid in advanced method” contract of minimum 1 year ,discount and commission are not included.

For any other questions please contact us on 560-5688.