AHATA a colabora cu CHTA Education Foundationpa brinda curso ‘Service Refresher’

ORANJESTAD, Aruba –  15 di november 2021Pa sostene nan miembronan den crecemento consistente, Aruba Hotel & Tourism Association den colaboracion cu e Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association (CHTA) a brinda curso pa manager y trahado den departamentonan di Housekeeping y Food & Beverage. E cursonan a wordo atendi pa mas cu 90 participante di diferente hotel y restaurant. 

E meta di e cursonan tabata pa motiva e participantenanpa brinda servicio amabel, cordial, y siguiendo medidanan di COVID y mehora satisfaccion di nan clientenan. Paricibi nan certificado cada participante mester a completa un dia di practica y teoria. 

E prome curso Housekeeping Service RefresherCourse a yuda participantenan refresca areananimportante di nan trabao manera:• Proceduranan practico pa Housekeeping• Expandiendo e conocemento di protocol di COVID-19• Tacticanan pa comunicacion eficiente 

E Segundo curso Food & Beverage Service RefresherCourse a enfoca riba e aspectonan fundamental di F&B manera: • Conocemento di cuminda y preparacion• Bebida y concepto basico di bina • Basico di benta sugestivo y tecnica pa ‘upsell’ • Lenguahe aceptabel pa un comunicacion autentico cu e cliente 

E curso a cubri ademas areanan manera comunicacion verbal y no verbal, procedura di COVID-19 pa un servicio ‘safe’, y otro aspectonan di servicio. E instructornantabata Suzanne Shillingford-Brooks y Louise John di CHTA Education Foundation. Ambos tabata tin hopi animo y a comparti nan experencia y conocemento operacional. 

A pesar di e dificultadnan cu e pandemia a trece, AHATA ta keda hopi activo y ta sigui sostene su miembronan cudiferente esfuerso, incluyendo mehoracion di nos producto turistico. 


AHATA collaborated with CHTA Education Foundation to provide Service Refresher training 

ORANJESTAD, Aruba –  November 13, 2021In a continued effort to support members in achievingsustainable success, the Aruba Hotel & Tourism Association has collaborated with the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association (CHTA) Education Foundation to offer training courses for management and staff in the Housekeeping Department and in the Food &BeverageDepartment. The courses were attended by over 90 participants from various hotels and restaurants.

The objective of the courses was to boost the morale of frontline hospitality personnel and motivate them to confidently deliver engaging and friendly guest interactions that increase customer satisfaction. Each participant was required to attend one full day of theoretical and practical learning. At the end of the day, each participant received a ‘Caribbean Safe, Supercharged Service Refresher’ Certificate from the CHTA Education Foundation. 

The first course, Housekeeping Service Refresher Course, helped refresh participants on key areas such as:• Proper housekeeping procedures• Expanding the understanding of COVID-19 protocols• Effective techniques for guest communications. 

The second course, Food & Beverage Service Refresher Course, elaborated on the fundamentals such as: • Food Knowledge & Preparation• Beverage and Wine Basics• Basics of upselling• Communication for authentic guest engagement 

The workshop covered verbal and nonverbal communication skills, COVID-19 safe service procedures, how to be more attentive, and other service aspects. Suzanne Shillingford-Brooks and Louise John from the CHTA Education Foundation served as facilitators, and both have extensive operational knowledge and experience. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, AHATA remains committed to providing members support and help them improve our tourism product.


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