WHO calls on amateur and professional filmmakers to participate in the first ever Health for All Film Festival Candidates have until 30 January to submit videos to the festival.

Winners will receive $5000. A 2500-dollar prize is also available for students.

Geneva/ Washington D.C., 6 January 2020 (PAHO/WHO) – The World Health Organization (WHO) is calling on amateur, student and professional filmmakers from all over the world to submit videos for the first Health for All Film Festival. Submissions, which will be accepted until 30 January 2020, must be emotive, raise awareness and change behaviors about health issues. The festival will be held in Geneva in May 2020 during the 73rd World Health Assembly. 

Film has the unique ability to make us feel – to make us laugh, cry and think. Through the creation of compelling human-interest stories, filmmakers have the potential to influence health and catalyze change. Films are a powerful way to raise awareness, improve understanding and encourage action.  

WHO wants to see these stories – whether they are from amateur filmmakers with a smartphone seeking to tell the story of change-makers in their community, or production companies trying to promote dialogue around global health challenges and solutions. 

Filmmakers can submit a short video for one of the following categories: video reports, animated videos or videos about nurses and midwives (a special theme to commemorate the International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife

CATEGORY 1. Video reports (3 to 8 minutes)
This category is for videos that show human-interest stories and testimonies about health from individuals, communities, and healthcare workers facing a local or global health challenge and championing solutions to this challenge, including behavior change.  

CATEGORY 2. Animation (1 to 5 minutes)
This category is for animated videos that include either testimonials and/or challenges and solutions to achieving health and well-being for all, or to educate about a health issue.

CATEGORY 3. Videos about nurses and midwives (3 to 8 minutes)
This category is for videos that focus on nurses and/or midwives. Any audiovisual narration style will be accepted for this theme chosen for 2020.

Eligibility criteria

Only films completed between 1 January 2017 and 30 January 2020 are eligible for this festival. The closing date for entries is 30 January 2020. 

Videos can be selected in any language but must include English subtitles (except for English-language films).

Please read the application rules carefully.

To participate, access the application tool here and click “Submit now”.


A maximum of 15 videos per category will be selected for the Health for All Film Festival. An independent jury will nominate a winner in each category, and there will be a special prize for videos made by students.  

The prizes for each of the three categories are as follows: A Grand Prize of $5,000 for the winning film in each category and a special prize of $2,500 awarded to adult students enrolled in formal education.

The list of video finalists will be released in March 2020 and films will be screened in Geneva in May this year during the 73rd World Health Assembly. The awards ceremony will also take place in May 2020 in Geneva.

Health for All Film Festival
Application rules
International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife
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