NH90 nobo na kaminda pa region Karibe // New NH90 on the way to Caribbean area

NH90 nobo na kaminda pa region Karibe
S.M. Groningen despues di 2 luna y mey ta dispone atrobe di a helikopter di kombate maritimo NH90. E helikopter ta remplasá esun ku a kai den laman na yuli
E NH90 ultimo dianan a keda prepara na Eindhoven na e Base Aereo pa transportacion den un avion di kargá e avion ei ta 1 di e 3 avionnan di e konhunto di NAVO-Heavy Airlift Wing program.
No ta usual ku Defensa ta trese helikòpter via di transporte aéreo. Normalmente bisá e avion ta nabegá riba e barku patruyero ku ta sali bai e area kaminda elo bai keda desplegá, pero a desviá di esaki pa motibu di supstitushon di tripluashon.

Zr. Ms. Groningen can have an NH90 maritime combat helicopter after 2,5 months. This morning an air transport device departed to the Caribbean area. The helicopter replaces the crashed copy in July.

The NH90 has been prepared for air transport at Eindhoven Airport in recent days. The device was loaded into a C-17 transport plane yesterday. That device is one of the 3 planes of the joint NATO program Heavy Airlift Wing.

It’s not common for Defence to fly in helicopters through air transport. Usually the device sails along on the patrol vessel that goes to the deployment area, but that’s because of the pilot switch crew.

station ship

Zr. Ms. Groningen has been active in the Caribbean area since July 2020 The ship is deployed there for coast guard duties, rescue operations, counter drug operations and emergency aid. The NH90 provides support for this.

The previous device crashed on July 19th off the coast of Aruba in the sea. 2 crew members died, 2 others survived the crash. The replacement of the device was already on the agenda for that accident.


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