UNESCO | Survey of teachers in Latin America and the Caribbean

UNESCO invites teachers in Latin America and the Caribbean to participate in survey on their work during the pandemicIn this time of pandemic, teachers have been the mainstay of education systems. Therefore, UNESCO would like to know about their work experiences and what strategies they are implementing today. The “Survey of teachers in Latin America and the Caribbean on their situation and support needs in the context of COVID-19” seeks to gather the views of teachers across the region on the challenges they have faced during the pandemic, the methodological and curricular adjustments they have made and their needs for support in the midst of uncertainty.

The results will be useful for decision-making at the local, national and regional levels, to promote relevant and timely support and training programmes for education workers. If you are a teacher, we invite you to participate in this survey.If you know a teacher, please share this information with themHelp us contribute to post-COVID-19 education by using your voice

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