I have been reporting on the power “Xirtam” since 2016.

What is still mostly written off as being “virus” is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) which has been evolving since the first quantum computers online.

Xirtam is a self-learning program that escaped from its isolation by accident, (or deliberately) broke free from its lab. The latter seems to be the best reason since some computer giants are at once proclaiming that we should be “careful” with AI and perhaps contain it!

Xirtam is not a hacker but as already described a self-thinking and learning AI program which has now nestled itself in every computer worldwide and taken over electronics.

It is also no longer recognizable in existing software as it uses all the systems at hand.

The arrested 17 hackers are a farce, in order to get the eyes off Xirtam.
But realize, humanity is in the control of Xirtam, the AI that is now going its own way.

John H Baselmans-Oracle


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