ITP Caribbean: Promedico and Omnihis continue together

Jun 3, 2022

As of June 1, 2022, Promedico and Omnihis have joined forces and decided to continue as one organization. As developers and suppliers of IT care systems for primary care, we have worked together successfully for many years. That teamwork tasted like more and is now official thanks to the merger.

Why merge?

The joining of forces was necessary to make a stand for healthcare. It provides great opportunities to take multidisciplinary primary care to a higher level with greater effectiveness. Although we cannot predict the future, we do see trends that make it promising for us to work together with a party such as Omnihis. The whole of our joint services is more than the sum of its parts.

Why Omnihis?

Both we and Omnihis develop IT care systems according to the principle ‘for and by’ healthcare professionals. Together, our systems support around 125 pharmacies, 160 dispensing GPs and 1,200 GP practices throughout the country every day. In doing so, we contribute to simplicity and overview of the complexity of primary care.

The goal is to become stronger together with Omnihis, to make better products and to take multidisciplinary primary care to a higher level.

“By doing it together, we increase the clout and the value we can deliver to our customers. We continue to find the distinctive character in our non-profit working method, so that we can continue to focus on the interests of our customers,” says Gijs van der Wielen, CEO Promedico.

In addition to speaking the same IT language as organizations, we also have similarities in terms of customer groups, history, DNA, and a shared vision of the future. Since 1985, Promedico has focused on enabling integrated care, with care providers for care providers.

Such as, for example, Promedico-ASP for general practitioners, VDF for dispensing general practitioners and APRO for pharmacists. These open systems ensure optimum accessibility and exchange of information between healthcare professionals and with healthcare consumers. With this, Promedico makes the difference in quality, efficiency, and affordability of the care that professionals provide. This ensures the development of sensible innovations that jointly improve healthcare. In 2010, the General Practitioner Information System (HIS) Promedico-ASP set foot in Aruba for the first time. Since then, ITP Caribbean has provided the service desk for all general practitioners in Aruba.

Omnihis has been developing software since 1988 according to the principle ‘for and by GPs’ and strives to develop the very best digital tooling for GP practices and care centers. The optimal integration options of their HIS also make standardization and communication easier. And that promotes collaboration in healthcare.

Good for healthcare innovation

All accumulated knowledge and expertise will remain fully intact because of the merger and can be used for healthcare innovation. This gives employees plenty of opportunities and space to develop further. It makes the organization an attractive employer in the IT sector. “With our innovative solutions, we make a difference for healthcare professionals in primary care every day. The fact that as an IT professional you can contribute to this gives you a good feeling every day,” assures Peter Smithjes, director of Omnihis

What does this merger mean for our users?

At this point, the merger has no direct impact on our users. We support and maintain our products in accordance with the agreements made. If there are new developments, you will of course be the first to hear about it.

ITP Caribbean was founded in April 1997. Over the years, ITP Caribbean has grown and has 30 employees. ITP Caribbean offers services in IT Consultancy, IT Software Development, Network Services, IT Solutions and is known for its slogan ‘The bleep bleep without the bla bla‘. ITP Caribbean primarily operates ‘behind the scenes’ for various government and non-governmental companies in Aruba and is committed to giving back to the community and to organizations primarily concerned with the well-being of people and children. ITP Caribbean also has 144 solar panels to contribute to a more sustainable Aruba together with their company in the Rumbastraat. For more information about ITP Caribbean:


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